MES of the Republic of Belarus

Disaster Risk Reduction

The Ministry for Emergency Situations runs the State Emergency Prevention and Response System (SEPRS), introduced in 2001, which anticipated the National platform of disaster risk reduction.

SEPRS is a network of state agencies and resources designed for ensuring civil defense and protection of population and territories from emergency situations that encompasses republican, regional, local and facility emergency management bodies.

The key task of the SERPS is to combine efforts of executive state and local bodies together with organizations and agencies for emergency prevention and response, ensuring industrial, fire and radiation safety.

In 2013 the Republic of Belarus announced its joining to the Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction and establishing the National Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction. National Strategy for Disasters Risk Reduction for 2019-2030 has been developed and is being implemented. The Strategy covers all sectors of the economy and broad segments of the population, and is aimed at developing the institutional framework in the field of public safety and civil protection in general.

The Strategy contains 5 key components aimed at reducing the risk of emergency situations:

Component 1: Legal development of the National Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction; 

Component 2: Emergency risk analysis; 

Component 3: Creation and implementation of intelligent management and decision support systems;

Component 4: Improvement of emergency response and rescue technologies, creation of new models of machinery and equipment;

Component 5: Implementation of a safety culture in all areas.

The Ministry for Emergency Situations is the core of the Platform, since the main powers in the field of civil protection and disaster risk management are centralized and fall within the competence of the Ministry.

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