MES of the Republic of Belarus

Work with the population: training in the basics of life safety

One of the main tasks of the MES is the creation of a safety culture among the population. For these purposes, a network of educational safety centers is being developed throughout the country.

The main purpose of the work of educational safety centers is to teach the population the right course of action in case of various emergencies. Using innovative technologies and simulators, visitors of the centers have the opportunity to develop practical skills of rescue and self-rescue.

The expositions of the safety centers are built with maximum reality with modern information technologies, using a digital environment, augmented and virtual reality technologies.

The MES has also developed a mobile application “The Ministry for Emergency Situations of Belarus. Help is At Hand”, one of the most important tasks of which is to assist a person to act effectively in an emergency situation.

"Five steps to rescue" is the principle according to which the work of the application is organized. In the section "What to do?" more than 50 possible dangerous situations have been collected (heavy rain, thunderstorm, flood, snowfall, fire, etc.) and recommendations what to do have been given by the MES.

The application includes an interactive map on which you can track weather changes, as well as a warning program about adverse and dangerous hazards made by the National Center for Hydrometeorology, Radioactive Contamination Control and Environmental Monitoring.

In case of a large-scale natural disaster, an additional button "Report an emergency" is provided.

The section "First Aid" was created with the support of the Belarusian Red Cross Society and is equipped with audio descriptions of first aid actions. The First Aid training program is accredited by the European Reference Center for First Aid Training of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies IFRC.

"Check yourself" section allows you to test your own knowledge, compare your answers with the results of other users. You can fill in the gaps in knowledge in the "Encyclopedia" section, where many necessary and useful articles are collected.

The function of the button to call the Ministry for Emergency Situations "112" is available from any page of the application and allows to send messages or make a call to a given number (for example, to relatives, to a doctor).

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