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The University of Civil Protection of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus is a state higher educational institution for the training of highly qualified specialists in the field of fire, industrial, nuclear and radiation safety, emergency protection and civil defense ( /). 7 faculties implement programs of higher education (I and II stages), postgraduate education, additional adult education, general secondary education, preparation of persons for admission to educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus.

In accordance with the Decision of the Council of Heads of Government of the Commonwealth of Independent States of May 25 , 2007 The University of Civil Protection is the recognized Basic organization of the CIS member states for training personnel in the field of emergency prevention and response.

Since 2009, the University of Civil Protection has been the full member of the European Association of Colleges of Fire Services (EFSCA). Annually under the auspices of the International Civil Defense Organization and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons international training courses are held. In 2015, the University was awarded the EFSCA Gold Medal for achievements in the development of education and training of rescuers.

In 2019, the Belarusian-Chinese Research Center for Civil Protection was established at the University of Civil Protection. The center is an innovative project of the University of Civil Protection, the Institute of Public Security Studies of Tsinghua University and GSafety Company (China).

The University has the branch (the Institute of Retraining and Professional Development) situated in Svetaya Roscha settlement of Minsk region, Where the International Rescuers Training Center has been established ( ).

At the International Rescuers Training Center, more than 70% of classes are practical and are held at the Special Operational and Tactical Training Area. The 40-hectare Training Area is one of the best in Europe according to international emergency management experts.

Practical skills and abilities to eliminate the consequences of accidents and catastrophes of a natural and anthropogenic character are worked out in conditions as close to real as possible. The training takes place in an environment unsuitable for unprotected breathing, conditions of limited visibility and increased temperature. Obstacles and sound effects simulate an environment close to a real emergency.

The Training Area has:

  • training complex for working in breathing apparatus;

  • training complex for the study of fire, rescue and engineering equipment;
  • multifunctional training complex for conducting rescue operations in the destruction zone;
  • complex for practical training in conditions of exposure to dangerous factors of fire or heat;
  • training complex with simulators of extreme factors of emergency situations (psychological training course);
  • complex for flight and cabin crews emergency training;
  • emergency response training sites at: power supply facilities; technological installations; air, rail and road transport; gas supply facilities; oil and petroleum products warehouses;
  • platform for flood rescue training;
  • airborne training ground;
  • platform for working out techniques of industrial mountaineering;
  • reservoir for working out a complex of rescue actions on the water, in case of floods and flooding;
  • outdoor stadium with a 4-storey training tower;
  • indoor sports arena with a 7-storey training tower and other facilities.

In total, international students from more than 60 countries have been trained in the educational institutions of the Ministry for Emergency Situations.

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