MES of the Republic of Belarus

Provision of international humanitarian assistance

The Republic of Belarus shares humanitarian values and is ready to help. Since 1999, the Republic of Belarus has provided international humanitarian assistance more than 70 times to 28 countries. The Aviation of the Ministry for Emergency Situations provided extinguishing of forest fires in Greece, Georgia, Latvia, Russia and Turkey.

Since 2013, the Republican Special Response Team “ZUBR” has been classified as an International Search and Rescue Team of heavy class and included in the INSARAG Registry. In 2018, “ZUBR” successfully passed reclassification and meets international requirements, which include:

  • high professionalism in the field of Urban Search and Rescue operations;

  • knowledge of international INSARAG standards;
  • readiness to deploy to the affected region within 10 hours from the moment of receiving information about the emergency situation;
  • readiness to work autonomously at the emergency site for 10 days around the clock on two sites at the same time;
  • staff number at least 55 people;
  • availability of staff who are fluent in English;
  • availability of specialized equipment that allows searching for people under the rubble of destroyed buildings, as well as cutting and punching reinforced concrete structures;
  • availability of satellite communication facilities;
  • the presence of dog handlers, doctors and structural engineers in the team;
  • availability of vaccinations for work in unfavorable regions;
  • knowledge of international marking of destroyed buildings and structures.

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